Scam Alert!!

    I started to trade with this company in May 2023 after investigations found it appeared to be a legitimate company, In June they made promises to me in a phone call that if I invested further I could not only make more profit, but would also get an Islamic Bank account which had quite a few benfits in itself. I Invested a further £33,000GPB (41,625.62USD) and then the bad reports started to show up through Google, I immediately did a chargeback through my debit card which gave me back £16,000 through Visa but sadly they still had £33,000 of my money I transfered to Rentalzi in the the form of a bank transfer, I am still determined to try, and get my money returned. If you get approached by Rentalzi do not trust them, they are unregulated scammers, nothing more, and if you look carefully if you do invest with them their trading figures on their screen do not match what the real trading figure is, and usually about $20-$30 out. If they do get in touch with you, just run, run, run, don’t make my mistake, do not trust the positive online reviews as I learned they are all fake either written by Rentalzi themselves, or they pay review websites to post positive reviews. Your description of Rentalzi is all wrong.

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